Cummins 110kw Commercial Generator

Cummins 110kw Commercial Generator

Cummins 110kw Commercial Generator. Comes with 20, 30 and 50 AMPs plugs

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110Kw Cummins Generator wired to run multiple, businesses, or homes… can run typical 150 Kenyan Homes!!!!
Armstrong Power Systems Generator was made for John Deere by the Cummins corp.

  • Cummins 110kw Commercial Generator Single Phase Power
  • Runs 20, 30, and 50 Amp Plugs
  • MOUNTED inside a 2 axle optional trailer with access for the plug-ins and ease of maneuverability!
  • Has a concealment for anti-theft purposes
  • 375 Gallon Diesel Fuel Tank
  • Engine cranks instantly with the first turn of the key
  • Has 927 hours on it, and for this generator, that’s nothing. They are known to run for hundreds of thousands of hours

Cummins 110kw Commercial Generator


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