Testimonial #1

Kobe Limited (Contact Person – Ngugi (Mgr) @0706-557-752)

Kobe limited started as a small construction company with a vision to become a player in the regional construction business. The cost of construction and manufacturing equipment was the biggest mountain Kobe LTD had to climb. Their construction and manufacturing equipment budget was about 15 million!

Kobe LTD consulted us and we came up with a plan to reduce equipment start-up cost by as much as 50%.  We went to work for Kobe LTD and we outsourced 3 main tractors

Caterpillar 953C Tractor:

 The market value of this tractor in Kenya is about 5-5.5 million shilling. With our help, Kobe saved nearly 1.2 million shilling! We agreed on the tractor type and model and our team went to work for Kobe. In 3 weeks, the tractor was on the ship headed to MombasaCAT 953 Loader

Caterpillar Grader 12H:

Exactly 3 months later, Kobe came back to us this time needing a motor grader. Take this from us, Caterpillar is the single most used construction equipment in the world even in those countries that manufacture other brands. There are more caterpillar tractors in Japan than there are brands like Hitachi or Komatsu. We advised Kobe to go by yet another Caterpillar equipment. Motor graders are expensive equipment but Kobe saved nearly 1.5 million through us!

 caterpillar motor grader

Caterpillar Compactor & Small equipment:

With the major equipment in place, Kobe went on with excavating and manufacturing Cabrro blocks. The need to install these blocks for customers became unavoidable. Kobe needed smaller equipment like skid steers, compactors and ditch/trench diggers. We outsourced and shipped these equipment within less than one month after the agreement was signed.

caterpillar 236B skid steer

Imported from Missouri, USA

caterpillar vibrating compactor

Imported from Austin, Texas USA

caterpillar mini excavator

Imported from Missouri, USA

When all said and done, Kobe LTD saved more than 4 Million shillings. Today Kobe LTD can help you from digging foundation, grading roads to paving your roads and walk paths. You can also rent equipment from Kobe

 Testimonial #2

Phillip @ 0718-449-305