Borehole Drilling

Thinking about Farming? or just general purpose water? Thinking about starting water drilling business?

Tractors Kenya has Bore Hole and water drilling equipment available for immediate delivery. These are USA made high quality automated drilling machines that can be programmed to automatically eliminate all the dangerous rod handling work.

MODELS: We have different models that can be used for drilling water wells 200 feet, boreholes to geothermal and petroleum as deep as several kilometers deep.

This is the smallest water drilling machine that can drill up-to 200 feet. This small machine can pay for itself is just days. It uses diesel and best adapted for easier and unconsolidated soils. We can help you determine the soil types you’ll be dealing with in your area.


This is a more powerful twin engine water drilling rig that is capable of going up to 350 feet deep. While this dept could be enough to reach borehole water levels, this drilling rig is not the best for penetrating through the deep rock. It is best for deep water wells.

Speaking of true borehole water depth, this water drilling rig goes upto 500 feet. Now that’s deep. It has an automatic breakout system just for your employees safety. You have an option between diesel powered and petrol powered.

This borehole drilling machines not only gives you deeper faster drilling but also gives you lots of options. It can be be outfitted with centrifugal, piston, diaphragm and piston mud pumps. It can also be fitted with on-board air compressor.

This is a deep rock bursting borehole grade drilling machine. Besides it’s versatility and handful of options, this deep rock rig comes with automated drilling rod handling system called OTTO, a true robotic arm that does all the dangerous rod handling work for you while the machine is still running at high speeds.

The difference between DR150 & DR155 is not the dept but DR155 used 15′ drill system together with automatic drilling rod handling system. It is a very affordable borehole drilling rig capable of outperforming bigger more expensive Chinese and Indian water drilling machines.