How it Works

The cost of construction and farming equipment is a big impediment to economic and industrial growth in third world countries. At, our goal is to reduce cost of ownership in machines, construction tractors and farming equipment.

In a normal heavy equipment/tractor transaction, the seller makes not less than 100% profit. This means when you buy a tractor for KSH 5 Million, if you used us to purchase the same equipment, it can save you as much as KSH 1-2 Million on the same machine.

While profits is the reason why everyone gets into business, unreasonably high prices lowers competition, increase prices and slows down economic growth. It is counterproductive in the end. In a country where such equipment prices are not regulated, we are here to take guesswork out of the equation: We will save you millions, guaranteed!

  • You make more money doing what you do best
  • You avoid rip-off prices that does not make economic sense
  • You pay as much as 100% less on construction and farming equipments
  • We handle all the purchasing, logistics & clearing for you

How it Works:

Instead of paying double or triple the price on equipment that is already in Kenya, we come in and ask you to hold on just for a little bit.

We shop for the same equipment or even better for a lower price in USA. We do all the logistics and customs paperwork and put it on the next ship!

In about 45 days, the ship docks in Mombasa with your equipment. You either clear it or we help you clear it and ship it to you from Mombasa.

We save you the hassle of either paying too much for your tractor or headache of travelling, shopping, hauling, shipping and clearing the tractor.

It’s that simple!


For a tractor that cost $100 plus logistics and clearance in the USA, you pay not less than $200 plus in Kenya

With us, you pay $118 for the same tractor instead of $200 and save $80 or 80%.

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